Monday, April 18, 2016

✯★✯CLASH by C.A. Harms✯★✯

✯★✯ CLASH ✯★✯
by C.A. Harms

It was time to fight back. 

Time to live. 

Too much of my life had already been taken from me by a man that should have protected me. At the hands of pure evil I have lived in fear. When most young women were learning to love, I was fighting to live. 

I had broken free of the hate. 

Finally getting the chance to feel what real love was, but with all good things, bad times seem to follow. At least for me it does. My name is Payton Walters and I refused to allow them anymore of my freedom. 

I will not fall… 

Not this time.



Clash is a captivating, soul crushing read that broke my heart but also made it swell. The shocking and traumatic base to this story is overwhelming. Leaving in its wake a heartbreaking read that is pure perfection.
CA Harms' writing in this book is beautiful, raw, painful and soul destroying. Payton's back story is gutting. The traumatic abuse she suffers cut me apart piece by piece, slashing my heart and soul. I felt so much pain for Payton willing, hoping for her to fight and survive. Her escape was hard to read, but it was the strength of those around her that built up the story filled with power and excellence.
Dylan was the perfect person for Payton. I have claimed him as my own. He is stunning, sexy and so hot. His love for Payton shone brightly throughout the story and helped ease my own aching heart as well as Payton's.
The twists and turns that CA throws into Clash are gripping and left me sat on the edge of my seat, pumping with adrenaline, reading as quick as possible.
By no means is this book a breeze to read, it's devastating in parts and wonderful in others, but together it's a perfect mix, a beautiful balance of light and dark and a stunning 5 star read. - Sophie BBB Broughton

Seeing Love Through Hate
This was my first time reading C.A. Harms but it won't be my last. The very serious issue of abuse is tastefully shown to the reading audience. The characters, Payton and Dylan, are very believable as Dylan admits to himself how much he cares for Payton and becomes her protector while still allowing her space to live her life and come to grips with the circumstances life has thrown her way. Payton learns there are people who love her and that she can lean on them when needed. Clash is a story of living in a house filled with hate and anger but being able to find love beyond the walls of the house. Have the tissues ready but, also, be ready to laugh. 
-Ardent Tome

Go on an Emotional Ride with Payton through her path to healing in