Friday, November 6, 2015

★✯★Jackson's Destiny Excerpt★✯★

Book #2 in the Sawyer Brother's Series

#1 Excerpt
I heard Olivia’s laughter just before the front door opened. “I did not,” she said.
“Oh yes you did,” Jackson insisted as he dropped his keys onto the table next to the couch. “Thank God it wasn’t Bailey’s Jeep. Hell, she would flip her shit if it was.”
That comment caught my full attention. “What happened?”
They both turned to face me, and Jackson grinned. Pointing toward Liv, he continued to taunt her with his orneriness. “Little Miss Speed Demon here wrecked my truck.” 
Olivia’s eyes widened, and she looked like she was panicking. “You liar. You said you’d never tell.”  I couldn’t help but laugh. The two of them were always so funny together. They would pick and prod at one another, always trying to get under one another’s skin, even over little things.
“Bailey is different,” Jackson said as he walked around the counter and placed his hand on my hip.
“She’s the cool aunt who’s with the cool uncle, and she ain’t gonna say shit. Are ya, babe?” 
Before I could answer, he leaned forward and placed a kiss against my lips. Not one of those soft, sweet kisses but one of the hard, loud ones that was playful and full of silliness.
“Besides, I need her to run into town and pick up the tire after Booker gets it mounted and balanced.” “Tire?’ I asked.
“Yep. Never yell ‘squirrel’ when a teenage girl is behind the wheel.” Jackson widened his eyes. “I
should have just let her hit it.”
“There was no squirrel, you fool,” Olivia fired back, crossing her arms over her chest.
“I know. It was a reflex test, and darlin’, you failed that shit,” he told her with a chuckle.
I was so damn lost at this point. “Wait, what happened, exactly?” “This dumbass yelled ‘squirrel,’ and I freaked out. But there was no damn squirrel. He just wanted to see how I would react.” She looked away from me and narrowed her eyes at Jackson. “He scared the hell out of me, and I ran off the road.”
“‘Ran off the road,’ hell,” Jackson barked. “She went down in the ditch and blew out my tire. Bent my rim to shit and crushed my running board.” He leaned over the counter, placing his elbow on the marble top.
“Oh, and let’s not forget about the hood and windshield.”
“What happened to the hood and windshield?” I asked.
Jackson stared at Olivia, and she stared back at him. They were waiting for the other to explain. “Fine,” Olivia huffed. “I hit Mr. Burk’s irrigation equipment. Well, just the side of it. It scraped the hood and cracked the windshield. But in my defense, it’s the dumbass’s fault for yelling ‘squirrel.’”
I could no longer hold back my laughter. I bent at the waist, and tears blurred my vision as I howled. Jackson was right; I wouldn’t say a word, but I sure as hell was going to take a few minutes to be amused by the situation he and Liv had found themselves in.  

#2 Excerpt

“Do you two ever keep your damn clothes on?” Ryan asked as I climbed up into the cab of his truck.
It had been two weeks since Bailey stripped naked and went for a swim in the lake. Since then, we had a few more occasions where we left piles of clothing scattered around outside. Last night, things started out innocent. We had decided to sit on the deck and have a drink. I, of course, chose a simple bottle of beer, but Bailey insisted on one of those girly-ass margaritas. Things were peaceful until she dumped her strawberry shit all over the deck and her leg. 
When she got the hose to clean up her mess, her innocence shifted into that crazy look she sometimes got, and damn if she didn’t turn the hose on me.
Well, one thing led to another, and we had stripped down and had sex right there on the deck, facing the open land that stretched for miles.
“Wipe that shit-eating grin off your face.” Ryan punched me in the shoulder, and I looked over at him, wagging my eyebrows. “Seriously, don’t even answer that question. I need to be able to look Bailey in the eyes, and if you tell me how the hell you two keep getting naked in your yard, I can’t do that.” He shivered, and I chuckled as I shifted my eyes forward.